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How You Can Get a One of a Kind GenF20 Discount?

Do you want to know how to get a one of a kind GenF20 Discount? Everyone knows that GenF20 is the leading human growth hormone releaser in the market today. Many people have tried it and many have shared the wonderful benefits that they have received from this one of a kind food supplement.

Why Should You Get a Discount?

Most of the time, you won’t ask why you have to get a discount – people just ask “why not?” You know what they say: it takes one to know one. If you have been using GenF20 and have benefitted from it, then you know that this food supplement works. That also means you have been a loyal customer for some time. It is no secret that the best results that people get from food supplements do not come overnight.

This means that you have been a great customer for quite some time now. This also means that you may have built some lean muscle mass. You now feel younger and you have also noticed that you have looked a lot younger. You may also have noticed better respiratory functions.

Since you are a loyal customer, the makers of GenF20 value you and your patronage. This is the reason why they are willing to give you a GenF20 Discount. Just like any business that appreciates the people who patronize their products, the company also wants to give something back in the form of discounts.

Different Discounts/Different Offers

The makers of GenF20 usually offer different discounts to loyal customers at different times. Some discounts are counted over certain purchases that you have made. Some promotional offers allow you to enjoy more of the dietary supplements by giving you extras. However, this new GenF20 Discount and promotional offer is one of a kind. You can say that it benefits you and it also benefits the company that supplies you with the food supplement products that you need and use.

The Mechanics of This One of a Kind Deal

This one of a kind deal is unique. It’s one of those deals that allow you, the company’s loyal customer, to tell your own story. So, here’s how it goes.

The first step is to look for your old photos. Yes, the one where you look older and flabbier. It has to be decent picture; you can even use a picture of you smiling with your best look prior to trying GenF20.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The rules of this promotional offer say that your old photos should have been taken at least four months prior to your taking of GenF20. Any picture of you that was shot more than four months ago will work great, preferably way back earlier so people can really see the difference.

The next half of the deal is to find a camera and snap a photo of yourself with your current best look of course. If you think these are before and after shots then you are right.

REMINDER: When taking your new best look, you should be holding a box of the product you were taking in order to qualify for this GenF20 Discount. Another note, this new picture will be used as a promotional pic and it is required that you take a full body photo (i.e. one that shows your entire body from head to toe).

Hold your horses; this photo op isn’t over yet. After taking a picture of yourself from head to toe, you are also required to take a close up pic where your face is shown alongside a GenF20 box of the product that you were taking. To top things off, you also need to send a handwritten testimonial with the pictures you will be sending.

Take note that the company will use your photos and your handwritten testimonial advertisements. They may also use parts of your full body pic just to emphasize the beneficial effects of the specific product that you have taken. The pictures will be posted on the company’s website, of course.

Mail your photos and your written testimonial to the following address:

Leading Edge Health 129 Roweland Drive Johnson City, TN 37601 USA

What Do You Get In Return?

When your photos get chosen to be posted on the company’s site, you will be given the aforementioned GenF20 Discount. And here is what you will get in return: A FREE one year supply of GenF20 Plus!

Can New Customers Participate?

Of course they can. What they need to do is to take a whole body photo from head to toe now while holding the product and a close up photo of their face with the product held up near their face. Next, continue taking the said product for four months. Finally, take a new photo after a minimum of four months of use (whole body plus close up) just to show the actual beneficial results of the product.

Remember to include your written testimonial with the pictures and send them to the address included above. That’s basically how new customers can participate in this one of a kind GenF20 Discount offer.

As you might have guessed, those who have been taking GenF20 for less than four months can also participate. Just continue taking your preferred supplement until at least four months just to make your before and after photos.

In case you need to continue taking GenF20, remember that you can purchase your preferred supplement form individually or you can always purchase a combo pack. You can take either the GenF20 daily supplement in tablet/capsule form or you can get the oral spray. This means you can get your regular dose of human growth hormones without necessarily having to inject them into your body.

Getting one of the combo packages allows you to take advantage of the regular GenF20 Discount offers. Remember that you save money by purchasing a one month, two month, three month, four month, five month, or even a six month package. The bigger the package you purchase the bigger your discount.

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